Sarolta Gerecz-


Sarolta has over 20 years of experience in the field of dental technology, specialising in dental ceramics. She is the head of our laboratory department. She is an extremely passionate and artistic technician, putting maximal efforts into every job she does. She has always enjoyed creating flawlessly detailed cosmetic works to the specifications of the dentist and the patient. She founded Art in Smile dental laboratory 3 years ago, because she found that larger labs tend to lose track of dentists’ specifications and the personal touch which every job should have.

Throughout her many years in the field she has worked for many leading dental labs both in the UK and in Hungary. She is always improving her techniques and methods by going to master ceramic courses, held by the likes of Nondas Vlachopoulos, Asami Tanaka, Katsuya Seki, Joshua Polansky, Bill Marais and so on. Furthermore, she was the owner and Director of another dental laboratory in Hungary, before the creation of Art in Smile. This gives her even more experience with tailoring each job to dentists’ specifications.

In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, photography and cooking.

Laszlo Nemcsik-


Laszlo is an engineer since 1995, when he completed his electronics engineering degree in a university in Hungary.

He's got an impressive amount of experience in the repairs of a wide range of dental laboratory equipment. He spent 3 years working as a general engineer in a well-known laboratory in Scotland, and over 5 years in an international dental laboratory supply company as a service engineer, repairing several hundreds of handpieces each year. During his time there, he gained an overwhelming amount of knowledge on various kinds of equipment repairs. Some of these include, but are not limited to, Kavo, NSK, Renfert, Whipmix, Amann Girrbach, Bifa, Dentalfarm, Manfredi. In addition, he has visited manufacturers like Schick, Silfradent, Vita, and Renfert, where he completed technical courses and received certificates proving his worth as a service engineer. 

As of 2019, he has also had the honour of becoming the only Renfert authorised Service Partner in the United Kingdom, thus is responsible for the repair and servicing of all Renfert machinery under warranty in the UK.

He is also certified in digital dental design and takes part of the laboratory workflow.

Outside his work, his interests are keeping up to date with technology in general and enjoys travelling.

Norbert Nemcsik-


Norbert is the newest member of our team, and is the son of Sarolta and Laszlo. He has attended a significant amount of courses, demonstrations and lectures on various fields of dental technology, hence is already starting to have a broad range of perspectives for someone his age. As such, he takes part in all aspects of the everyday workflow of the lab. In addition, he is studying in his 3rd and final year of Dental Technology at Lambeth College as of September 2019. Despite only starting at Art in Smile relatively recently, he has had a long-standing interest within the field of dental technology since an early age.

While he may be young, he is an eager and hard-working technician in training, who strives to be an equally important part of the team. Moreover, although he studied History and Politics at the University of Reading from 2016-2017, he came to the conclusion that there are better opportunities with dental technology and being part of the family business.

Besides dental technology his interests are socialising with friends, history, and experiencing new cultures.